I really can't say enough about my experience with Vicki! She is amazing!!!

I just moved into a much bigger house, had NO furniture, came from a house with ALL white walls, because I was too afraid to try any colors.

With my new house, I wanted to make it incredible. I saw a coupon for Vicki's services, and decided to try the $50 for 2-hour consultation. When I thought of interior decorators, I thought only rich people could afford them. I decided to use my 2-hour time and get the most out of it.

More than 10 hours later with Vicki...it only cost me $50.

It's really simple, either pay her for her time, or get your furniture, or services etc, where she suggests, and then THEY pay her. Too good to be true???? Nope! Even better!

My house looks AMAZING. We went to the store picked out the colors and fabric that I liked, picked furniture, she then came to the house and picked out the colors for my walls to be painted, gave me the name of an incredible painter (Gary Roessel). Even gave me a floor plan. Everything! She has a great eye for color and style. Everytime anyone walks into my home, they always say,"WOW!" I even ordered a library unit from her, I can't wait until it comes in, she picked the perfect style and unit for my wall!

Vicki as a person to work with... she is very pleasant and friendly. Prompt and courteous. She needs to know right off what you like and what your budget is so she can accommodate your needs. The more details the better with Vicki. It helps her to help you get that perfect home! She is very easy to talk to, she didn't put down my colors or ideas, but nicely pointed me in a better direction when my ideas got off track or wouldn't work. For example, after all my paint colors were picked, I told her I loved cherry wood furniture. She said that cherry wood has red tints in it, and wouldn't look the best with my colors, but she will help me choose different paint colors if that's what I wanted, or I could choose more of a chocolate, espresso wood color. She was right on. I kept my original paint colors, went espresso, and it looks perfect! I would definitely use Vicki again, and recommend her to everybody!

Dorina H.
Rochester, NY

I contracted Vicki to do a complete evaluation of my home so I could finally have truly expert advice on what to do within my budget and still reach my goals. She spent 2 hours here and, after asking me the right questions, proceeded to go room by room and provide suggestions in detail. By the time she left my only regret was that I had not used her before. Her expertise and professionalism were far more than I expected. Now I'm happily putting together my plans and will utilize Vicki's services for her ongoing suggestions and her professional connections to the right vendors to get everything done properly and at the right price. Vicki provided a very thorough, detailed evaluation of what needs to be done to make significant changes to the interior of my home.

Sherwin C.
Rochester, NY

Good Morning!

I wanted to thank you for transforming our living room into a "grown up" space! We absolutely love the arrangement and for the first time in FOREVER, entertained our dinner guests in the new room, complete with a fire in the fireplace. We so appreciated the EXTENSIVE TIME AND CONSIDERATION you gave to the make over! You worked so very hard yesterday and we will be forever grateful...

Vicki, it was such a pleasure meeting and working with you yesterday. I haven't had that much fun in a long time! Again, thanks so much!

Leslie B.
Rochester, NY

Hi Vicki,
We had Todd's side of the family over for dinner last night and they raved about the paint colors, art work etc.. ! Thanks again for all your suggestions!

Lorinda S.
Rochester, NY

Vicki was the best combination of "direct but sensitive", pointing out areas of improvement in color selection and room design while guiding me through the process of selecting colors. She heard our opinions, working with them without trying to change them.

When she left I had a general color palette for our first floor, with some specific paint colors chosen. It was amazing to me how quickly she was able to zero in on the colors that would work best, based on the items we already had in our house (rugs, artwork, fabric). I could not have done this on my own. It was money well spent. After doing some initial painting based on her recommendations, I will call Vicki again to move onto next steps in painting, room design & decor, including fabric selection.

Victoria P.
Rochester, NY

Thank you Vicki. We love the new design. A lot. You're awesome.

Lynn L.
Rochester, NY