How Much Do These Design Services Cost?

Aren’t Interior Designers Just for Rich People?

Many designers bill countless hours at hefty hourly rates. Clients are often “surprised” with substantial bills, and don’t have enough money left to purchase the furnishings they need! Vicki’s rates are straightforward and affordable.

Initial In-Home Consultation:
(Generally 1-2 hours)

$75 - $150

During this meeting, you will discuss your project, preferences, timing and budget. Vicki will share thoughts and ideas on how to improve your room and/or your home. She will share initial thoughts and ideas with you. Don’t be surprised if she re-arranges your furniture!

Scaled Floor Plans:

$75 Flat Fee

Vicki will measure your room and create plans that are drawn to scale. These plans include exact furniture placement, recommended dimensions, and lighting placement. There may be more than one option provided, and you will have the opportunity to review them and request changes until you are completely satisfied. This floor plan will become your guideline for purchasing the right pieces (and sizes) of furniture for a well-planned and well-balanced room, whether it is immediately or at some point in the future.

Interior Design Consultation WITH RELATED PURCHASES:

No Charge*

Vicki has established relationships with several local stores that sell furniture, flooring, window treatments, and other items at various price points. These stores pay Vicki commissions for bringing you to their stores and assisting you with selections. Provided you purchase the items related to your project from these designated stores, you will not be charged consultation fees! Working with Vicki does not affect the prices you pay, or your ability to take advantage of available financing options.

Vicki is very patient, and will not pressure you into quick decisions. However, your purchases must be commensurate with Vicki’s time investment so she is fairly compensated for her professional services.

It is very realistic and common for most clients to complete their projects in a time-effective manner without paying consultation fees. For advice on how to streamline the project and avoid consultation fees, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions... How Can I Streamline the Process to Get The Most "Bang For My Buck?"

Vicki takes a "no surprises" approach. You will be fully informed if there is an issue with time spent, and will have the option to pay for future consultations or make additional purchases.

Interior Design Consultation With No Related Purchase:

Vicki provides professional advice and guidance that involve NO RELATED PURCHASES at a rate of $75 per hour. For example, if you simply want advice on furniture arrangement, paint selections, or just general feedback and ideas on how to improve your home, you will be charged $75 per hour.

Following is a Summary of Services and Charges:

Initial In-Home Consultation (Typically 1-2 hours):
Minimum 1 Hour: $75.00
2 Hour: $150.00
3 Hour: $225.00
Maximum 4 Hour: $300.00
Floor Plans Drawn to Scale with Revisions included: $75.00
(See above for further details) *No charge
1 Hour $75.00
2 Hour $150.00
3 Hour $225.00
4 Hour $300.00

Vicki can be reached anytime at 585-278-8320, or by contact form to schedule an in-home interior design consultation.

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